New oil filter and traditional comparison advantages and disadvantages between

First of all, the structure of the traditional plate and frame oil filter is introduced:

The traditional strainer consists of alternating strainers and strainers, which are supported on a pair of beams and can slide on them. The strainer is pressed or pulled apart by a pressing device. The surface structure of the strainer is convex and grooved.

New oil filter and traditional comparison advantages and disadvantages between

Traditional plate and frame oil filter working principle

The filtrate to be pumped into each filter chamber through the feed hole of the back roof, through the filter cloth, and the solid sundries in the filtrate are trapped in the filter chamber, and filter cake is gradually formed. The liquid is discharged out of the machine through the discharge hole on the plate frame. The discharge of the plate and frame oil filter can be divided into two forms: open flow and underflow. The filtrate is discharged directly from the machine through the discharge hole on both sides of the plate frame by bright flow. The advantage of bright flow is that the discharge situation of each filter plate can be observed, and the problem can be directly found through the transparency of the filtrate discharged. If the filtrate is discharged through the undercurrent hole of the plate frame and the back roof, the form is called undercurrent. The disadvantages of traditional plate and frame oil filter are intermittent operation, high labor intensity, requiring two workers to operate, and low production efficiency.

Introduction of a new type of automatic slagging and oil filter mechanism

New self-discharging filter oil machine is xinxiang high uniform screening machinery industry co., LTD., based on the solid-liquid separation filter of the common problems and the introduction of industry of international advanced technology development, the part of tank, the hoisting mechanism, vibrator, filter leaf, butterfly valve and other components of the assembly, pressure display table, filter leaf used special stainless steel mesh, long service life, high yield, high precision; Original oil pressure, low oil content in slag, pneumatic butterfly valve, easier operation, easy to discharge, applies to oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries in the production of decoloring oil filter, clarification, filter, crystal filtration separation process, particularly in the oil industry in the cotton seed, rapeseed, such as castor pressing oil difficult problem such as filtering, difficult to discharge.

Introduction to the working principle of the new type automatic slag-discharge oil filter:

After the filtrate is pumped into the tank and filled, the solid impurities in the filtrate are trapped by the stainless steel filter screen under the action of pressure, and the filter cake is formed on the filter screen. The filtrate enters into the outlet pipe through the filter screen and flows out of the tank, thus obtaining the clarified filtrate.

With the increase of filtration time, more and more solid impurities are trapped on the filter screen, which increases the thickness of filter cake, increases the filtration resistance, and increases the pressure in the tank. When the pressure rises to a certain value, slag discharge is required, so stop feeding filtrate into the tank, and then blow dry the filter cake through steam. Close the steam, open the butterfly valve, and start the vibrator to make the filter blades vibrate. The filter cake on the filter screen will be vibrated down and discharged through the slag discharge opening under the tank body.

Features of the new type automatic slagging oil filter:

1. Compact structure and small floor space;

2, good filtering effect, high precision, low loss;

3, vibration slag discharge, avoid manual slag cleaning, easy to operate, low labor intensity;

4. The screen made of stainless steel can avoid the disadvantage of replacing the filter cloth or paper, reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency. The two machines can be connected in parallel to achieve continuous production.

5. Fully enclosed operation, environmental protection, low material loss.

6. Application scope of the new type automatic slagging oil filter:

Petrochemical industry: diesel oil, lubricating oil, white oil, transformer oil, etc

Oil: peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc

Food: salad oil, starch, sugar juice, MSG, milk, vinegar, etc

Pharmaceutical: hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, glycerin, etc

Paint: varnish, resin paint, dye, 685 varnish, etc

Organic chemical industry: various organic acids, methanol, ethanol, ester, benzene, aldehyde, etc

Through the comparison of the above two aspects, the new automatic slag-discharge oil filter has more advantages than the traditional plate and frame oil filter, and is the preferred equipment in the filtration industry.

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