Net with atmosphere tempering furnace

The technical data of the daily use of the meshes with atmosphere tempering furnace mainly explain in detail the universality of the meshes with atmosphere tempering furnace in which the internal atmosphere uniformity of the meshes with atmosphere tempering furnace is 0.05% oxygen probe, carbon removal air pump, carbon potential controller and furnace gas regulator are reliably matched on the meshes furnace.

Suitable for nitrogen-methanol atmosphere. Methanol-acetone (toluene) atmosphere, endothermic atmosphere, exothermic atmosphere, etc. The development of the combined multi-component carbon potential control technology of oxygen probe and infrared sensor and the emergence of other new carbon potential control technologies can not only improve the accuracy and stability of carbon potential control, but also better adapt to the atmosphere of various air source preparation. The quality control of carburizing and carbonitriding layer was further optimized by two-zone carbon potential control technology of double oxygen probe.

The appearance of the continuous network belt furnace water quenching device stabilized the furnace atmosphere and carbon potential control precision. The new development of methanol gasification and cracking technology and the widespread use of stirring fans in the furnace have further improved the uniformity of atmosphere in the furnace. The method of seal welding of furnace shell not only saves energy but also is beneficial to the long-term stability of furnace atmosphere. Quenching groove control: in the workpiece hardness uniformity and reduce part deformation from the previous simple cooling speed to improve the cooling uniformity, quenching groove add speed adjustable powerful agitator, pay attention to the quenching groove flow field, stress quenching groove temperature uniformity.

Net with atmosphere tempering furnace

Computer cooling medium performance tester is also accepted by many users. Distortion control of heat treatment; The hot zone of quenching furnace is lengthened to remove stress. Adopt completely closed with heat preservation controllable grading quenching oil tank. Temperature uniformity of quenching medium 5℃. Anti-knock design of quenching groove and elevator blanking system.

In order to reduce the residual austenitic volume of bearing parts and control the trace deformation of bearing after processing, the cold treatment device after quenching will be popular in the production line of mesh belt furnace.

With China's entry into WT0 in the 21st century, Chinese enterprises will be placed in the international market competition environment, the market will be more urgently in need of inexpensive and high-quality heat treatment equipment. And the low price and high quality heat treatment equipment will be low cost heat treatment equipment rather than low price heat treatment equipment.

The cost of heat treatment equipment consists of five parts: equipment acquisition fee, equipment operation fee, equipment maintenance fee, equipment 4T labor fee, heat treatment failure treatment fee. The embossing process of wire winding and threading is completely automated.

Technical information on atmosphere tempering furnace

Technical data of the use of mesh-atmosphere tempering furnace:

Mesh belt gap corrosion protection belt corrosion itself refers to the protection of stainless steel, the following mainly introduces the protection of stainless steel, mesh belt is also so, I hope that the majority of customers attention, in order to delay your service life of the mesh belt, the running state of the mesh belt. Crevice corrosion is mainly caused by the presence of crevice, which leads to the electrochemical heterogeneity of the medium. Therefore, for the protection of crevice corrosion,

The following points can be referred to:

1. Reasonable design to avoid gaps. For example, welding is better than riveting; Butt welding is better than lap welding; Welding must be quality, avoid welding holes; Screw joint structure, can use low sulfur rubber washer, dense packing, joint surface can be coated protection. In addition, waterlogged areas should be avoided during design; When maintenance, should be diligent in cleaning, remove dirt, etc.

2. When it is impossible to avoid gaps in the design, cathodic protection can be adopted. In seawater, for example, zinc or magnesium electrodes are sacrificed. But when adopting this method, we should pay attention to the hydrogen embrittlement problem. The pressure relay will give off electricity.

3, because the corrosion inhibitor is difficult to enter the gap, so can be coated on the joint surface with corrosion inhibitor paint, for example, for steel, with PbCrO4 paint, for aluminum, with ZnCrO4 paint; Sheet metal may be separated by wrapping paper impregnated with gas phase corrosion inhibitor.

To switch to the appropriate material, for some important components, can convert the capability of crevice corrosion resistance of materials, such as high chromium molybdenum stainless steel mesh belt maintenance problem here mainly for network type stainless steel mesh belt, baffle mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt in transport turning machine, the application of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor with straight line conveyor of turning, can realize a perfect corner. This machine is divided into 90 degrees, degrees, the goods through the process of turning conveyor can maintain its relative position, synchronization transmission, in addition, the machine USES frequency conversion motor this machine also has the advantages of smooth operation, no noise and good reliability, therefore they are widely used in food, electronics, chemical industry and printing industries, is to replace manual labor, improve the production efficiency of insert radiator way of mesh belt conveyor. Dryer mesh belt is mainly used in drying equipment, drying products are very wide. General dryer mesh belt is made of stainless steel, both sides driven by the chain, pitch, pitch, size, a variety of. The mesh belt dryer is a kind of machine which USES static friction to drive the material continuously. It can transport materials in a certain way, form a material transport process from the initial feeding point to the final unloading point, and can also cooperate with the requirements of the technological process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic flow line. With the increase of belt conveyor demand.

Net with atmosphere tempering furnace technical data net:

1. The drying equipment is equipped with automatic tensioning device. The mesh belt runs smoothly and can be flipped freely, thus solving the phenomenon of chain dropping, chain clamping and off-tracking.

2, the dryer hot air furnace heating using chain furnace automatic heating equipment, automatic coal, automatic slag removal, high thermal efficiency, coal wide adaptability, clean and environmental protection, save time.

3. The mesh belt is driven by a speed-regulating motor, which can adjust the running speed and control the drying time according to the needs. The digital display of the temperature in each section of the dryer makes it easy to master and control the temperature in the kiln.

4, the mesh belt has the net surface flat, the hardness is high, the corrosion resistance is strong, the tensile strength is big, the permeability is good, not easy to deformation, durable and other special functions stainless steel mesh belt market increase potential analysis stainless steel mesh belt as transportation, fumigation, high temperature, anti-corrosion and other equipment accessories has always been the mechanical market.

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