Natural gas forging furnace advantages

First, the environmental protection natural gas forging furnace has the advantages of energy-saving structure, full fiber lining, wall heat storage type, less exhaust impurities, less exhaust pollution, exhaust heat recovery, high furnace temperature and fast temperature rise, and high heating quality.

Natural gas forging furnace advantages

Yiran environmental protection Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province. For many years, it has been committed to R & D, design, production and sales, upgrading and transformation of natural gas forging furnace, forging heating furnace, trolley furnace and heat treatment furnace. The advantages of Yiran natural gas forging furnace mainly include the following aspects:

1. Natural gas forging furnace adopts energy-saving structure, wall regenerative combustion mode, full fiber furnace lining, clean natural gas as the main fuel, no need for chimney exhaust, energy saving and environmental protection, can save investment in flue and chimney. When the natural gas forging furnace is installed, it is not limited by the position of the flue, and the layout of the technological process is more reasonable;

2. The natural gas forging furnace uses natural gas fuel, with less impurities and pollution, which can effectively reduce the impact of exhaust gas on the environment. The tail gas of natural gas forging furnace equipment can be directly discharged into the workshop without affecting the production environment of the workshop, and the working conditions are good;

3. The equipment of natural gas forging furnace is energy-saving and environmental friendly, equipped with flue gas waste heat recovery system, which can make full use of the waste heat of flue gas to preheat combustion supporting air, and can heat the combustion supporting air to a higher temperature, the furnace temperature is high, the temperature rise is fast, and the heating efficiency is high, and the heating quality is high.

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