Multifunctional vacuum calibration device

In order to meet the needs of the calibration of vacuum gauge and standard leak in spacecraft thermal test, a multifunctional vacuum calibration device was developed. The device can be used for the calibration of thermocouple vacuum gauge, piezoresistive gauge, capacitance film vacuum gauge, Penning gauge, hot cathode ionization gauge and other vacuum measuring sensors, and also for the calibration of permeable vacuum leak. The device is designed and built by static comparison, dynamic comparison and mass spectrum comparison. The vacuum calibration range is 1.33 × 105 PA ~ 1 × 10-4 PA, and the vacuum leak calibration range is 5 × 10-5 ~ 5 × 10-9 PA · m3 / s. The device has high intelligence level, simple operation and is suitable for batch calibration of vacuum gauge.

With the development of space science and technology in China, vacuum measurement technology has made great progress and has been widely used in aerospace, electrical electronics, petrochemical and other industries. In particular, the rapid development of a series of new areas of national defense, such as manned spacecraft, lunar landing project, Mars exploration, etc., puts forward higher requirements for vacuum measurement, and the corresponding high-precision, high reliability vacuum measurement and calibration requirements have emerged.

Most of the traditional laboratory vacuum calibration devices have complex system design, high development cost and long calibration time, which can not meet the needs of spacecraft development tasks. In this paper, a multifunctional vacuum calibration device is developed, which is based on the calibration principle of static comparison, dynamic comparison and mass spectrum comparison. By designing capacitance film gauges of different ranges to form a standard gauge group, the problem of accuracy deviation of a single standard gauge in the full range is solved. The device has the characteristics of simple operation, high automation and batch calibration. The calibration range of the device not only covers the main vacuum calibration requirements in the aerospace field, but also has the advantages of low development cost and high comprehensive cost performance.

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