Multi-purpose safety protection knowledge of furnace heat treatment

Heat treatment furnace is one of the important process equipment in mechanical manufacturing, it is mainly put the metal workpiece in a certain medium to heat to the appropriate temperature, and keep in the temperature for a certain period of time, and at different speeds of cooling processing equipment. It is a heat treatment equipment for annealing, tempering, quenching, heating and other heat treatment processes.

Multi-purpose safety protection knowledge of furnace heat treatment

Product Classification:

1. Cover furnace: a heat treatment furnace that operates periodically when the heated object is heated in the cover.

2. Roller bottom furnace: heat treatment material is transported by the roller table in the furnace, and the equipment furnace with burner for heating is installed in the furnace chamber above and below the roller.

3. Chain furnace: a conveyor belt type heat treatment furnace.

4. Traction type heat treatment furnace: traction type furnace can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type, widely used in cold rolled strip steel tin plating, galvanized and silicon steel, stainless steel open heat treatment furnace. Commonly used multi-purpose furnace heat treatment are resistance furnace, gas furnace and oil furnace. Heat treatment manufacturers from the point of view of labor safety and health. Resistance furnace easy to control, sanitary conditions are relatively good.

1, to avoid thermal radiation, the furnace wall to add insulation materials, such as asbestos, diatomite, slag wool, expanded perlite; Baffle and door with circulating cooling water are used in the furnace door, or air screen is used.

2. The nozzle of the gas and liquid fuel furnace should be arranged in the side wall of the furnace, not in the back wall of the furnace and the furnace door opposite, avoid opening the furnace door, heat treatment is often used to burn the furnace flames. Artificial incineration is not safe, should use spark incineration equipment as far as possible.

3, the oil tank is not allowed to be set on the top of the furnace, pipe system bifurcation should be set up exhaust equipment and air valve.

4, the gas pipeline and flue gas stove shall not be interspersed with placement, during the installation of a safety valve, in the event of explosion can reduce the pressure in the pipeline.

5, electric furnace must do insulation protection.

6. The salt bath stove can emit steam harmful to human health when heated, so it is necessary to set up ventilation equipment.

7, all kinds of heat treatment furnace should be active temperature control equipment, which not only ensure to meet the requirements of heat treatment process, but also conducive to safe production and improve working conditions. The active control system of furnace temperature is various and can be selected according to the variety of furnace and technological requirements.

The role of the exhaust gas emission equipment is to replace the exhaust gas in the furnace with new atmosphere, while the role of the incinerator is to fully incinerate the exhaust gas (mainly CO+H2) to generate CO2+H2O, so as to avoid air pollution and the risk of incineration and blasting. This technology solves the problem of pollution emissions, but long term incineration of waste gas heat is rarely used effectively, and directly into the atmosphere, resulting in wasted energy.

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