Multi purpose furnace production line equipment training

I. Basic Structure and working principle of multi-purpose furnace

(I) front room

1. Front door and seal: motor with reducer, rack and pinion drive, front door, shock absorber pressurization, asbestos packing, safety bar, front door upper limit, front door lower limit, smoke hood;

2. Fire curtain system: ignition burner, fire curtain, ignition transformer, flame controller, flame monitor, flame probe;

3. Exhaust gas combustion system: ignition burner, ignition transformer, flame monitor;

4. Internal zipper mechanism: motor, chain track, track, internal zipper, cam switch, guide fork with reducer;

5. Quenching lifting table: motor with reducer, four support columns with adjustable nuts, chain sprocket drive, pedal limit, upper limit of lifting table, lower limit of lifting table, deceleration limit of lifting table and safety limit of lifting table;

6. Oil circulation system: heating pipe, dual core thermocouple, oil agitator, oil guide plate, belt detection proximity switch, oil cooling pump, electric three-way valve, air cooler, oil filler, oil level gauge, oil level detection upper and lower proximity switch, front chamber wall bimetal thermometer;

7. Front chamber pressure switch;

8. Front room circulating fan and motor;

9. Guide plate;

10. Transition roller;

11. Pressure maintaining valve

(II) back chamber

1. Middle door system: middle door, two holes of middle door, wedge iron, middle door box, sew motor with reducer, chain sprocket drive, 1 / 3 limit of middle door, upper limit of middle door and lower limit of middle door;

2. Heating system: radiant tube, heating element (three in series star connection);

3. Wind conduction muffle: easy oxidation of SiC;

4. Rear chamber circulation device: ABB motor, self circulation oil cooling device, oil seal, centrifugal fan blade;

5. Rear chamber guide rail: SiC;

6. Rear chamber observation window;

7. Sampling pipe;

8. There are material limit and sliding zipper offside limit in the rear chamber;

9. Temperature control system: three thermocouples: main control temperature, ultra-high temperature and safety temperature;

10. Oxygen probe;

11. Furnace pressure gauge;

(III) gas distribution frame (n2-ch3oh atmosphere composition: 20% CO + 40% H2 + 40% N2);

1. Carrier medium (constant): methanol 2.8l/h, process nitrogen 3 m3 / h;

2. Enriched gas (variable): acetone 0.5-2.5l/h, natural gas 1.5-4m3/h;

3. Dilution gas (variable): air 0.5-1.0 m3 / h;

4. Safety nitrogen (constant): 8-10 m3 / h;

5. Reference gas of oxygen probe (constant): 1.6-5l/h;

6. Oxygen probe purge gas (constant timing): 100-200l / h;

7. Ammonia (constant, adjusted according to the process): 0.1-0.4m3/h;

8. Nitrogen in front chamber (instantaneous supplementary furnace pressure): ≥ 0.6MPa.


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