Multi-purpose furnace for heat treatment

Multi-purpose heat treatment furnace has the following characteristics:

(1) the temperature range of heat treatment furnace is large. The key object is to obtain ferrite steel with good plastic deformation, whose temperature range is 800 ~ 1500℃; Due to the different processing technology, the high temperature reached 1200℃, the low temperature can only be about 150℃. With such a large temperature difference, the furnace structure is quite different. The heat treatment furnace whose temperature control is higher than 700℃ is called high temperature heat treatment furnace. The temperature control less than 700℃ is called the ultra-low temperature heat treatment furnace, the heat transfer depends on the heat convection method. The tempering process stipulates the temperature symmetry in the furnace to prevent part of the temperature from being too high, so the furnace and the combustion chamber of the heat treatment furnace are sometimes separated.

(2) the temperature control and operation of the heat treatment furnace is strict. The heating before working pressure production and processing, metal material temperature fluctuation of 10 or 20 degrees, usually not much harm to the quality. However, whether the heat treatment furnace can ensure the temperature specified by the heat treatment method, has a great harm to the product quality, usually the upper and lower left and right does not exceed 3~12℃. The temperature on the cross section of the heated object should be as symmetrical as possible, the temperature difference should not exceed 5 ~ 16℃. In terms of operating temperature control, the heating furnace is superior. In order to exceed the precise control of the temperature of the target, it is best to choose a symmetrical layout of output power is small flameless burner, flat burner method, which is conducive to the section of the operation, burner too little, overconcentration, very easy to appear partial overtemperature. Together, the layout of the burner or electric heater and the structure of the furnace should be beneficial to the circulation system of the furnace gas, so that the temperature in the furnace tends to symmetry, therefore the objective in the furnace body can choose electric fans.

(3) air oxidation and carbonization of metal materials should be avoided as far as possible in the heat treatment furnace. For the stainless steel plate conditioning treatment, do not allow the surface of air oxidation and carbon, should maintain the surface smooth. Heat treatment furnace must therefore be hermetically sealed, easy to manipulate the furnace gas composition, and sometimes to maintain a special atmosphere in the furnace. For example, the bright annealing of cold processed stainless steel plates is mostly carried out in the maintenance of steam media or in vacuum pumps, so muffle covers and radiant tubes are used in many heat treatment furnaces. When steel pieces or stainless steel plates to carry out organic chemical conditioning treatment, such as carburizing, high-frequency quenching, cyanide, etc., must be maintained in the necessary ingredients of the specific medium heating, must use muver furnace or bath furnace.

(4) low yield and thermal efficiency of heat treatment furnace. Tempering treatment, in order to make metal material cross-sectional temperature well-balanced, make crystals institutional change thoroughly, must make the metal material in the furnace body stays a long time, no matter what the tempering process, raw material in the furnace body often have one or several soaking or heat insulation, water cooling process in furnace. Some kinds of conditioning treatment, to the point that several heating, insulation and water cooling. Many heat treatment furnaces operate regularly and safely. Because of the reasons, the yield and thermal efficiency of the heat treatment furnace is much lower than that of the furnace used for rolling and forging heating.

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