Mobile heat treatment center control system

Stress relief means that the workpiece is slowly heated to a specific temperature, then kept constant for a period of time, and then cooled at a low temperature. Depending on the material composition, the temperature is between 550 ℃ and 800℃. Stress relief is to reduce internal tension in the welding area, which reduces the risk of corrosion, followed by the removal of hydrogen from the steel.

Changzhou heat treatment using mobile heat treatment center for pipe and steel structure stress relief and preheating, cabinet made of stainless steel, can be used in harsh environment.

Control system: independently developed windows-ce industrial PC hardware and software; You don't need a computer to get started.

Very human; Multi-language support; Automatic processing with alarm control.

Full master/slave programming flexibility; T/C fault alarm; Low efficiency alarm; +/- connection fault alarm on T/C; Understandable display displays trends and SP/PV (set control and process values).

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