Metal superheat and combustion heat treatment processing

Low alloy metals and decarburization lead to overheating and combustion, temperatures above 1200°C destroy steel and other low alloy metals, and some deterioration of mechanical properties occurs if heat treatment is carried out prior to forging and other mechanical processes.

Mechanical defects caused by excessive heat use can affect the toughness and impact strength of treated metals. Mechanical defects can cause the orange peel effect. The orange peel effect is defined as having hard and soft spots on the surface.

The right temperature is needed to ensure that uneven heating does not occur. Other ways to correct overheating include checking tools to ensure proper anti-decarbonization solutions and metal protection to ensure uniform heating. If the metal is not heated evenly, usually because there is no preheating, the remedy is to let the metal cool slowly before reheating and hardening.

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