Metal heat treatment and other processes difference between

Metal heat treatment is a process of heating metal workpiece in a certain medium to a suitable temperature and keeping it at this temperature for a certain time, then cooling it at different speeds. Metal heat treatment is one of the more important processes in material production. Compared with other processing technologies, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but endows or improves the service performance of the workpiece by changing the internal microstructure of the workpiece or the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece. For the periodic heat treatment process, it is necessary to adopt the forced circulation control atmosphere and make the operation of the furnace mechanized and automatic.

Organic gas or particles contained in the workshop are collected by the gas collecting hood, and the organic gas is transported by pipeline into the active carbon tower. When the organic gas enters the tower, the wind speed drops in a smooth way, and the larger particles and impurities contained in the gas will naturally settle into the bottom of the tower, while the organic gas part dissolved in the gas. The mechanical properties of metal materials include: strength, plasticity, hardness, impact performance, fatigue strength, etc.

Strength: refers to the resistance of metal materials to deformation or fracture caused by static force. Plasticity: refers to the deformation caused by the external force of the material, and the deformation that the material cannot restore its original shape after the external force is removed is called plastic deformation; the performance that the material produces plastic deformation without breaking is called plastic deformation.

The carbon potential of furnace gas can be directly measured by resistance method, or the moisture in furnace gas can be measured by dew point meter, the CO2 content can be measured by infrared CO2 meter, and the carbon potential can be indirectly measured by zirconia oxygen concentration cell (oxygen probe). By using the values of these measuring instruments, the input quantity of the enriched gas or the drop quantity of the enriched liquid can be adjusted through the actuator, so that the carbon potential of the furnace gas can be relatively stable at a certain value.

At present, the composite surface heat treatment technology developed rapidly at home and abroad includes: surface chemical heat treatment or surface coating treatment + surface chemical heat treatment composite, and chemical heat treatment + electroplating composite, laser quenching + chemical heat treatment composite, chemical heat treatment + vapor deposition composite, isoionic spraying + laser surface modification composite, ion implantation + vapor deposition composite, etc., which have achieved good results Application effect of.

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