Mesh belt heater

The heating tube is used as the heating element, the worm gear reducer is used as the transmission, the chain drive and frequency conversion are used for speed regulation, and the whole fiber structure is used for heat preservation. The performance of the equipment is fixed and the operation is simple.

A. steel structure: the steel framework is welded by section steel, steel plate, etc. the whole fiber large plate furnace lining is hung on the steel framework, light and reliable. Because the furnace adopts the lining of full fiber and large plate structure, its steel structure is much lighter than the traditional refractory brick furnace.

B. furnace lining: full fiber structure is adopted, and the domestic brand-new standard ceramic fiber blanket is selected as the heat insulation material of furnace. The fiber blanket is a kind of artificial inorganic metal fiber material. When making, special equipment is used to make folded blocks according to the size of furnace. This furnace lining also has the characteristics of simple installation and short construction time. More than 40% energy saving than brick lining. It has been proved that this new type of light refractory fiber material has many advantages in industrial furnace: light weight, heat storage, small heat loss, good energy saving effect, long service life, good sealing performance of furnace body, convenient maintenance, etc

C. advantages, deeply loved by users, are users' preferred products Hot air circulation system: in order to make the temperature uniformity in the furnace meet the process requirements, it is also set at the top of the furnace body

D. set of powerful centrifugal fans, which can effectively circulate the hot air under the function of the diversion system in the furnace. The diversion system, fan shaft and fan blade are made of high-quality heat-resistant stainless steel plate.

Mesh belt quenching furnace

Mesh belt quenching furnace (mesh belt furnace) is suitable for heat treatment of small and medium-sized mechanical parts such as standard parts, bearings, chains, self tapping screws, textile hardware, hand tools, elastic pads, various textile needles and sewing needles in controlled atmosphere, such as carburizing, carbonitriding and quenching. The furnace frame is composed of box body and bracket, which are made of high-quality section steel and steel plate by welding. In order to facilitate the operator's maintenance or cleaning of the furnace, the furnace is designed to be divided into upper and lower structures, and the upper furnace cover can be removed The furnace of mesh belt quenching furnace adopts full fiber composite structure, with excellent heat preservation performance. Aluminum silicate fiber felt is used on both sides and top of furnace. The mesh belt quenching furnace can be disassembled with the furnace cover as a whole, with excellent heat preservation performance, saving more than 40% energy compared with brick lining Heating element of mesh belt quenching furnace: the heating element is wound by high-quality resistance wire, horizontally inserted into the furnace from one side of the furnace body, and arranged at the upper and lower part of the furnace tube. The heating element has the advantages of reliable use and convenient maintenance, and can be replaced without stopping the furnace in hot state when necessary.

The main features of mesh belt quenching furnace are as follows:

A. the muffle can materials are pure imported materials from Sweden;

B. Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. is selected as the mesh belt material;

C. the furnace body is divided into upper and lower layers, and the furnace cover composite plate and hanging rib plate are all made of SUS321 stainless steel plate;

D. Shandong Luyang ceramic fiber folding block is selected as the thermal insulation material;

E. the cooling heat exchanger can be disassembled and cleaned, which can be completed in half an hour.


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