Mesh belt furnace description

The development direction of mesh belt furnace:

The mesh belt furnace production line adopts the non-polluting DX gas tempering blackening technology, and the non-polluting tempering residual heat blackening technology replaces the traditional polluting blackening process. The mesh belt furnace has zero thermal pollution.

Details of the mesh belt furnace:

After more than half a century of development, the first generation of mesh belt furnaces gradually developed from the oxidizing atmosphere to the second generation protective atmosphere, with little oxidation heating, and progressed to the third generation of controlled atmosphere heating, the fourth generation of computer management, In the 21st century, how does the mesh belt furnace develop the characteristics of the mesh belt furnace?

Today, the development of heat treatment mesh belt furnaces is derived from the market demand as well as other products. The development results come from technological advances. China's reform and opening up policy is greatly promoting and accelerating the development process of the heat treatment industry.

The 21st century mesh belt furnace technology will have distinctive characteristics of the times, with four characteristics: intelligent heat treatment, high quality heat treatment, low cost heat treatment, and clean heat treatment.

1. Intelligent heat treatment

Research and development personnel use the latest CAD program and heat treatment database, computer simulation technology and control technology, using a highly flexible and intelligent integrated control and management system in the mesh belt furnace and its production line.

In the future, the mesh belt furnace operator only needs to input the number of workpieces and drawings to be processed into the computer, and the whole set of equipment will handle the high quality products by itself.

Real-time multi-project operation control of the entire system has been realized. Such as controlling the thickness of the charge, mesh belt speed, temperature, carbon potential and so on. Full screen monitoring and control of batch feed movement. Full process control, can store 9999 processes. It can completely record the process parameters (part number, material, temperature, carbon potential, etc.) detected in the operating condition of the equipment and send it to the computer for processing and storage. Read and print at any time. A record of ten years can be stored. Password layered control, fully layered. The new furnace heating program is included, and the furnace temperature rising program can effectively perform the heating process.

2. High quality heat treatment

The mass dispersion rate is zero and the heat treatment distortion is zero. Quality control measures:

Feeding control system: weight, quantity and uniformity are controllable. The pan-type, suction-cup, tape-type, step-type, and vibrating material systems are generally promoted. Automatic feeding rhythm control, frequency control. The part orientation is automatically aligned. Feed thickness for real-time monitoring. Guaranteed accurate implementation of the heat treatment process from the source.

Equipment temperature control: furnace temperature stability ± 1 ° C, furnace temperature uniformity ± 10 ° C, cold treatment temperature uniformity ± 5 ° C, switch temperature control will be eliminated.

Furnace atmosphere control: furnace atmosphere uniformity 0.05% oxygen probe, carbon removal air pump, carbon potential controller, furnace gas regulator reliable matching on the mesh belt furnace. Suitable for nitrogen and methanol atmosphere. A methanol acetone (toluene) atmosphere, an endothermic atmosphere, an exothermic atmosphere, and the like. The development of the combined multi-carbon potential control technology of oxygen probe and infrared detector and the emergence of other new carbon potential control technologies can not only improve the accuracy and stability of carbon potential control, but also better adapt to the atmosphere of various gas source preparation. . The dual-zone carbon potential control technology of the dual oxygen probe further optimizes the control of the quality of carburizing and carbonitriding layers. The continuous mesh belt furnace water quenching eliminates the appearance of water vapor device and stabilizes the furnace atmosphere to ensure the carbon potential control accuracy. The new development of methanol gasification and cracking technology and the stirring fan in the furnace are generally adopted, and the uniformity of the furnace atmosphere is further improved. The furnace shell sealing welding method not only saves energy but also contributes to long-term stability of the furnace atmosphere.

Quenching tank control: in order to ensure the uniformity of hardness of the workpiece and reduce the deformation of the part, from the simple reduction of the cooling rate to the improvement of the cooling uniformity, the quenching tank is added with a speed-adjustable strong mixer, the quenching tank flow field is emphasized, and the quenching is emphasized. Tank temperature uniformity. The quenching bath temperature is controllable. Computer cooling media performance detectors are also accepted by many users.

Heat treatment distortion control; use quenching furnace hot zone to lengthen the stress removal. The fully enclosed insulated and controllable graded quenching oil tank is used. The quenching medium temperature uniformity is 5 °C. Anti-smashing and bumping design of quenching tank and hoist blanking system. In order to reduce the amount of retained austenite in the bearing parts and control the slight deformation after bearing processing, it is popular to increase the cold treatment device after quenching in the mesh belt furnace production line.


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