Membrane concentration and separation equipment

Membrane concentration and separation equipment of characteristics

*The separation and concentration are carried out at room temperature and low pressure, so the energy consumption is low, and the operation cost of the equipment is low.

*The equipment is small in size and simple in structure, so the investment cost is low.

*The membrane separation process is just a simple pressurized transportation of liquid. The process flow is simple and easy to operate and manage.

*As a filter medium, the membrane is a uniform continuum made of polymer materials, which is filtered by pure physical method, and the substance does not change in quality during the separation process (that is, it does not affect the molecular structure of the material).

Membrane separation equipment of purpose

1. The membrane separation equipment can improve the purity of the original material purification;

2. The membrane separation equipment can remove the chroma of materials - decolorization;

3. The membrane separation equipment can filter out the impurities in the material - impurity removal;

4. The membrane separation equipment can realize the enrichment concentration of materials.

Membrane concentration and separation equipment

RO membrane separation equipment for reverse osmosis

Membrane separation equipment of application field

[food industry]

★ separation, purification and concentration of sugar solution ★ purification and concentration of xylitol and other products ★ separation of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, and product concentration and recovery

★ separation, purification and concentration of functional oligosaccharides ★ concentration of dairy products, extraction of whey protein ★ filtration and clarification of juice, concentration and desalination of juice

★ filtration and sterilization of soy sauce ★ filtration and clarification of beer, filtration and sterilization of liquor ★ filtration and concentration of natural extract

★ decolorization of sugar ★ separation and concentration of enzyme preparation ★ desalination and concentration of food additives ★ clarification and concentration of tea polyphenols and tea drinks

★ whey wastewater treatment ★ separation, purification and concentration of sugar solution ★ starch wastewater treatment

[biological fermentation and biopharmaceutical industry]

★ impurity removal and decolorization of organic acids ★ concentration and decolorization of amino acids ★ filtration and concentration of vitamins ★ filtration and bacteria removal of fermentation liquid and subsequent purification and concentration

★ concentration of resin analytical solution and recovery of analytical agent ★ filtration and impurity removal of Chinese herbal extract, purification and concentration ★ optimization of production process of Chinese herbal extract

★ desalination and concentration of synthetic drugs, APIs and intermediates ★ recovery of crystal mother liquor products ★ concentration of low concentration products

★ concentration of heat sensitive substances such as antibiotics at room temperature ★ clarification and sterility of oral liquid of Chinese herbal medicine ★ sterilization and heat source removal of water-soluble products

★ purification and concentration of biological protein ★ concentration and decolorization of polypeptide, impurity removal and filtration of soybean phospholipid ★ concentration and heat removal of resin analytical solution

★ concentration of heat sensitive substances of biological products at room temperature ★ deproteinization, sterilization and heat source removal of biological products

[petrochemical industry]

★ chlor alkali production by ion-exchange membrane ★ nanofiltration separation of polyols ★ ion exchange adsorption of phenol and derivatives ★ nanofiltration concentration of fluorescent agent

★ vehicle urea ★ amine purification equipment ★ water recycling and heavy metal recycling of electroplating industrial wastewater ★ acid and alkali wastewater treatment and recycling

★ textile, dyeing and finishing, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse ★ paper wastewater lignin recovery and wastewater treatment ★ electrophoretic paint wastewater resource recovery

[hydrometallurgy industry]

★ treatment of mine and Metallurgical Wastewater ★ removal of calcium and magnesium ions from lithium slurry ★ extraction of copper, cobalt, nickel and uranium from leaching solution

★ extraction and refining of gold, recovery of silver, recovery of lead and mercury ★ removal of iron and cobalt from nickel ★ removal of radioactive elements

★ amd treatment ★ recovery of rhenium and molybdenum ★ separation of rare earth metals ★ alkali purification recovery ★ separation of acid and organic matter

★ separation and concentration of acid and metal ions ★ purification and reuse of acid and enrichment and concentration of heavy metal ions

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