Material heat treatment softening process

When a material undergoes a softening process, it provides many of the following properties: reduction of force, removal of residual stress, improvement of surface toughness and durability, restoration of ductility, and change of electromagnetic properties of steel.

Annealing is mainly used in heat treatment to soften, relieve internal stress, improve processing and develop specific mechanical and physical properties. When the steel alloy softens, it becomes easier to cut and form, and sometimes the annealed steel will bend when a specific amount of pressure is applied. That's why the heated steel alloy has to cool very slowly, or the metal breaks, breaks or breaks during forming.

Normalizing steel is another heat treatment process used to relieve stress when softening or hardening steel. The main factor of using standardization is to offset the influence of previous manufacturing processes (such as rolling, casting, forging, etc.).

Standardization refines the existing non-uniform structure into a greatly improved structure to meet the mechanical performance requirements of specific projects. Standardize heating of suitable steel between 830-950 ° C for a specific range of temperatures. Next, the steel is cooled by air, so the decarburization layer is removed by material finishing or secondary machining.

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