Liquid nitriding furnace

Application of liquid nitriding furnace products

QPQ liquid nitriding furnace can not only heat treat the workpiece in the salt bath at moderate temperature without deformation, but also greatly improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal surface. This salt bath composite treatment technology realizes the combination of nitriding process and oxidation process, the combination of nitride and oxide, the combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the combination of heat treatment technology and corrosion protection technology.

Product features of liquid nitriding furnace

1. The equipment structure is simple, and the one-time investment is lower than other nitriding methods;

2. Stable performance and low failure rate;

3. The operation process is simple and easy to learn;

4. The equipment has few accessories and covers a small area.

The following functions can be selected according to the user's requirements

1. The temperature recorder can record the temperature curve of the whole working process, and can choose the middle circle chart recorder or paperless recorder.

2. Centralized computer control, one computer can remotely control the temperature control program setting, temperature curve recording and other functions of multiple electric furnaces, with convenient operation and reliable control.

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