Large well type gas nitriding furnace

Large well type gas nitriding furnace, the full name of the nitriding furnace RNJ series well type gas nitriding furnace is an energy-saving gas nitriding furnace, which is sealed by vacuum rubber. The well type gas nitriding furnace has the characteristics of heat preservation, furnace temperature uniformity and good sealing. The shell of the well type gas nitriding furnace is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is made of ultra light, high-strength energy-saving refractory brick. The furnace lining is insulated by aluminum silicate fiber The heating element of nitriding furnace is spirally wound by high temperature resistance wire, which is installed on the brick support of furnace lining, and stainless steel furnace tank is installed in the furnace of nitriding furnace. A double head stainless steel dripper is installed on the furnace cover for liquid infusion. The cover of nitriding furnace is equipped with sampling pipe, exhaust pipe and ignition pipe, and the upper part of furnace tank is equipped with input pipe for ammonia input.

Well type gas nitriding furnace belongs to periodic operation industrial furnace. Nitriding furnace is mainly used for gas nitriding heat treatment of various steel mechanical parts, automobile crankshaft, automobile piston ring, motorcycle brake pad, mould, etc.


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