Land oil and Water Separator -LYSF (Series)

I. Overview:

Land oil and Water Separator -LYSF (Series)

Land-based oil-bearing wastewater is produced from all walks of life. It is a kind of organic wastewater with large quantity and serious pollution. The oil-bearing type, oil-bearing composition, oil-water mixing degree and producing conditions of land-area oil-bearing wastewater are much more complicated than those of Marine oil-bearing wastewater. Various types of Marine oil wastewater treatment devices have been developed in China, which can be suitable for the treatment of Marine oil wastewater and meet the sea area discharge standards (15 ~ 100 mg/l).

The treatment unit organically combines the strengthened gravity separation, coarse granulation and adsorption coalescing processes into a steel cylindrical integral structure, which is combined with the infusion pump, oil storage tank and electric control box. The treatment process makes full use of the characteristics of gravity separation and the characteristic factors of different separation materials, so it has a wide range of adaptability to various conditions of oil-containing wastewater with high treatment difficulty. It is completely applicable to all kinds of oil, diesel oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, animal and vegetable oil and some heavy oil without surfactant... And other oil products such as oily wastewater treatment.

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient management, high separation efficiency and low energy consumption, the treated water can be directly discharged or properly reused, and the extracted waste oil can be directly reused. It has good technical and economic benefits in saving energy, saving water and protecting environment, etc. It is an ideal equipment for treating oily wastewater for land use.

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