Is metal vacuum heat treatment hard?

In the mechanical industry, metal vacuum heat treatment is a key process to ensure the performance of metal components. For the vacuum heat treatment workers, usually dealing with the hot vacuum heat treatment machine, today's high temperature days, the working environment is very harsh. Under the condition that the vacuum heat treated parts in zhongshan vacuum heat treatment plant are not out of the oven, the temperature in the workshop is nearly 40 degrees, and the temperature in the working area is more than 50 degrees after being out of the oven.

The vacuum heat treatment of electroplating sludge is mainly a process of oxidation and melting. The main method of vacuum heat treatment is incineration, which can greatly reduce the volume of electroplating sludge and reduce the harm of sludge to the environment. In recent years, some scholars have carried out extensive research on the resource utilization of incineration slag on the basis of reducing the capacity of incineration.

However, due to the high energy consumption of this method, the requirements for incineration equipment and conditions, the general small electroplating manufacturers can not afford large processing costs, so this treatment method is difficult to be popularized. Sludge ferrite as the electroplating sludge is treated after adding the iron electroplating wastewater pH and dosing flocculants are precipitated after product, therefore, generally contain plenty of iron ion in the electroplating sludge, mainly in the sludge wastewater containing Cr, the appropriate technology can make the compound ferrite, iron ion of electroplating sludge and other many kinds of metal ions are constraints in the spinel type plane cubic structure of ferroferric oxide lattice point, its crystal structure stability, achieved the purpose of eliminate the secondary pollution.

Vacuum heat treatment is one of the important processes in the manufacture of mechanical parts and molds. It can control the properties of the workpiece, such as corrosion resistance, magnetic properties. The microstructure and stress state of the blank can also be optimized to facilitate cold and hot processing. For example, white cast iron can obtain malleable iron after long annealing treatment, increasing plasticity.

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