Ion nitriding process requirements for equipment

As a chemical heat treatment method of strengthening metal surface, ion nitriding is widely used in cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy. The biggest advantage of ion nitriding is environmental protection and energy saving. Nowadays, it has been widely used in the processing of automobile, precision instrument and other parts. Remind you that the ion nitriding process has certain requirements for equipment, for your reference as follows:

1. vacuum degree

The vacuum furnace body of the equipment must have good sealing performance. Through the vacuum obtaining system, the vacuum degree required by the process can be obtained.

2. electrical insulation

The anode of parts (cathode) must have good electrical insulation to ensure the normal process and equipment safety.

3. Good arc extinguishing performance

Before obtaining stable glow discharge, the part surface inevitably produces arc discharge, that is, after the glow is stable, there is also a case of glow to arc transition. Arc discharge is characterized by low voltage and high current discharge, which requires the equipment to have good arc extinguishing performance without damaging parts and equipment.

4. water cooling

The vacuum furnace body must be cooled by circulating water, so as to prevent the rubber seal from being damaged by heat due to excessive temperature.

5. Heat insulation

The vacuum furnace body must be equipped with a heat insulation screen. The first is to save electric energy, and the second is to reduce the uneven temperature of parts caused by heat emission.

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