Ion nitriding equipment

As a chemical heat treatment method for strengthening metal surface, plasma nitriding is widely used in cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy. The biggest advantage of ion nitriding is environmental protection and energy saving. Today, it has been widely used in automobile, precision instruments and other parts processing. If ion nitriding is to achieve good results, equipment must be highly recognized and required.

Ion nitriding equipment

1. ion power source

Ion power supply is divided into DC ion power supply and pulsed ion power supply. Users can choose according to need.

1 DC ion power supply

DC ion power supply mainly includes rectifier transformer, controllable rectifier circuit, L-C oscillation arc extinguishing circuit, cut-off feedback circuit, control circuit.

2 pulse ion power supply

Pulse ion power supply is based on DC ion power supply with IGBT elements and control circuit composed of chopper, through chopping to get a duty cycle adjustable pulse current.

Compared with DC ion source, pulsed ion power supply can improve hollow cathode effect better.

Pulse ion power supply is in each working cycle (frequency is 1KHz, period is 1ms) current back to zero, glow quenching once, thus improving the efficiency of arc quenching.

Pulsed ion power supply can realize independent regulation of voltage and current, and can meet different process requirements.

Compared with the DC ion power supply, the pulsed ion power supply is more energy efficient than 20%-25%.

2. vacuum furnace body

The vacuum furnace body of the equipment is divided into three types: well type (part hanging), bell type (part stacking) and comprehensive type.

The vacuum furnace body is composed of a furnace barrel and a furnace chassis.

The furnace body is welded by steel plate, which is a double-layer structure and can be cooled by water in the middle. The sealing covers are sealed by vacuum rubber seals. The furnace is equipped with stainless steel heat shield and cathode plate. An observation window is arranged on the boiler barrel. The intake port is mounted on the top of the furnace body.

The furnace chassis is equipped with a cathode transmission interface, a temperature measuring interface, a pressure measuring interface, and an air pumping interface.

The cathode transmission device is composed of a cathode rod, a sealing member, an insulating pad, a bearing column and an air gap sleeve. The cathode lead is connected to the cathode plate through the cathode transmission device.

The vacuum furnace must be well sealed to ensure the vacuum requirements of the process.

According to the requirements of processing parts size and production capacity, the vacuum furnace body must have enough work volume.

Ion nitriding equipment

3. vacuum acquisition system

The vacuum acquisition system is composed of rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump, vacuum solenoid valve and vacuum butterfly valve, which are connected with vacuum furnace body through vacuum pipeline.

The resistance vacuum gauge is used to measure the vacuum degree of vacuum furnace.

4. temperature measurement and control system

The temperature measurement and control system consists of thermocouple, temperature control circuit and temperature control instrument. The temperature millivolt signal is obtained from the thermocouple, and the temperature of the workpiece is accurately controlled by PID adjustment of the temperature control instrument and related circuits.

5. gas supply system

The gas supply system is made up of ammonia gas cylinder, ammonia pressure reducer, flowmeter and gas transmission pipeline.

The equipment is equipped with two flowmeters, one is used for ammonia flow regulation, the other is used for carburizing flow regulation. The two gases are mixed into the furnace after flowmeter, and the nitrocarburizing process (soft nitriding) can be realized by adjusting the flow ratio.

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