Introduction of high temperature experimental lifting furnace

The high-temperature experimental lifting furnace, high-temperature lifting furnace, experimental lifting furnace and high-temperature experimental lifting furnace are designed for the high-temperature sintering of melting high-purity glass, sintering and baking ceramics, magnetic materials, electronic components and other processes.

The furnace has collected many years of experience in kiln Development of our company, absorbed advanced technology of similar products from abroad, and continuously researched and explored key links such as structure and materials, and further improved and developed a new type of high temperature lifting furnace according to the user's use requirements and characteristics. After strict test and acceptance by the user, the performance and technical indicators are in line with the standards, and have been recognized by the user. The furnace adopts corundum mullite furnace or alumina hollow ball furnace, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and long service life, and meets the sintering of various process curves. It is very suitable for small batch production and trial production of scientific research units in the factory.

Welcome to inquire, our company supports customization of all kinds of non-standard furnace type!

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