Intelligent control cabinet

Product introduction of intelligent control cabinet

The intelligent control cabinet is the international popular GGD standard vertical electric control cabinet. Electrostatic spraying process of electric control cabinet, the cabinet body is the front door, and the board is equipped with ammeter, intelligent control instrument, temperature control meter, indicator light and control switch.

Features of intelligent control cabinet

1. Temperature control mode: temperature control thermocouple, imported intelligent digital temperature control instrument, high-power silicon controlled module, phase-shifting trigger system and electric heating element constitute a closed-loop control system, which can automatically control the temperature of each zone in the furnace and keep the temperature in the furnace uniform.

2. Temperature control system: the Japanese island electric program temperature control instrument and power module phase-shift control are adopted. According to the set process curve, the temperature rise speed, heat preservation temperature and heat preservation precision can be set respectively to realize the automatic adjustment control of temperature rise slope and heat preservation time, and the theoretical value and actual value can be displayed, which improves the control level and temperature control precision. This control mode adapts the supplied heat to the heat absorption of the workpiece, which is more reasonable and saves energy. The temperature control system also has over temperature light alarm function.

3. Temperature recording: paperless recorder or medium circle chart recorder shall be used to record the process curve in real time.

4. Power control system: the control and execution system adopts imported high-power SCR power module and imported instrument phase-shifting trigger system, equipped with precision cast aluminum alloy radiator and a complete set of air cooling system. A temperature control switch is installed on the radiator. Once the radiator is over temperature, the SCR power module will be cut off automatically, and an alarm signal will be sent to remind the operator to strengthen the cooling measures. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic air switch and fast melting device as secondary protection to ensure the normal operation of the SCR module and reduce the pollution to the power grid. Ammeter, voltmeter and on-off indication of electric heating elements are set in each area for easy observation. It has power on interlocking protection and safety grounding measures to ensure safe use.

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