Installation steps of resistance furnace

1. First, check whether it meets the requirements according to the basic picture before installation.

2. Check whether furnace accessories are complete. Whether the transportation process is damaged, whether the furnace is cracked and collapsed, and whether the heating elements are short circuited and separated from the brick laying phenomenon.

3. Before drying the resistance furnace, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the electric heating element and the furnace shell, without short circuit. After drying, use a 500V megger to measure the cold insulation resistance value, which shall not be less than 0.5m Ω.

4. When the working voltage of resistance furnace exceeds 36V, good grounding device shall be provided.

5. The exposed live part and transmission device outside the furnace shell shall be provided with protective cover. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation, necessary protective measures shall be set, such as over-current relay, pressure relay and automatic circuit breaker.

6. The electric control and temperature control shall be arranged on one side of the furnace, and shall not be too far away from the furnace. The distance between the back door of the control cabinet and the wall shall be more than 600mm, and the component board bracket shall be fixed with anchor bolts.

7. All kinds of air and water routes shall be painted with different colors according to the regulations.

8. Inflammable or explosive gas source shall be placed in special safety isolation room.

9. The well type resistance furnace is generally installed in the pit, and the furnace cover elevation is about 500mm above the ground.

10. The main circuit cable and thermocouple compensation wire of the furnace shall be laid in the trench and covered with cover plate.

11. After the installation is ready, the furnace shall be dried according to the baking process specified in the product manual.

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