Influence of residence time from quenching heat treatment to artificial aging

It is found that the strength index of some aluminum alloys, such as Al Mg Si alloy, can not reach the value, but the plasticity of the alloy increases.

For example, the strength of ZL101 cast aluminum alloy is 10-20Mpa lower than that of the alloy aged immediately after quenching, but the plasticity is higher than that of the alloy aged immediately.

The influence of alloy chemical composition on the aging strengthening of an alloy depends on whether the elements of the alloy can dissolve in the solid solution and the degree of change of solid solution with temperature. For example, the solid solubility of silicon and manganese in aluminum is relatively small, and the heat treatment has little change with temperature. Although magnesium and zinc have large solid solubility in aluminum based solid solution, the structure and matrix of the compounds formed by them and aluminum are not different, and the strengthening effect is very small.

Therefore, the aging strengthening treatment is usually not used for binary Al Si, Al Mn, Al Mg and Al Zn. However, some binary alloys, such as aluminum copper alloy, ternary alloy or multi-element alloy, such as aluminum magnesium silicon, aluminum copper magnesium silicon alloy, etc., which have solubility and solid-state transformation during heat treatment, can be strengthened by heat treatment.

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