Industrial furnace meaning components and application classification

Industrial furnace key points of design

1. Selection of furnace type

2. Fuel selection

3. Selection of combustion device and burner

4. The furnace designer shall have a comprehensive understanding of the heat energy utilization knowledge of the furnace

5. Reasonable distribution of heat load and arrangement of heat transfer surface in radiation section and convection section of the furnace

6. when new technology and new materials are used, new technologies and new materials should be paid attention to. The advanced nature and reliability of new materials should be combined with economy.

7. When increasing the heat transfer area to improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, in addition to preventing the corrosion of low-temperature flue gas, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of increasing the area on the system resistance on the thermal efficiency and fuel consumption of the industrial furnace.

Industrial furnace application classification

Industrial furnace is a kind of thermal equipment that uses the heat of fuel combustion or electric energy conversion to heat materials or workpieces in industrial production. Broadly speaking, the boiler is also an industrial furnace, but it is not included in the scope of industrial furnace.

It consists of industrial furnace masonry, industrial furnace exhaust system, industrial furnace preheater and industrial furnace combustion device.

In the casting workshop, there are cupola, induction furnace, resistance furnace, electric arc furnace, vacuum furnace, flat Furnace, crucible furnace, etc.; there are sand mold drying furnace, ferroalloy drying furnace and casting annealing furnace for baking sand mold; in forging workshop, there are various heating furnaces for heating ingots or billets before forging, and heat treatment furnaces for eliminating stress after forging; in metal heat treatment workshop, there are various annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering heat treatment furnaces for improving mechanical properties of workpieces; in welding workshop, there are Preheating furnace before welding and tempering furnace after welding of weldment; heating furnace for sintered metal in powder metallurgy workshop, etc.

Application of other industries, such as metal smelting furnace, ore sintering furnace and coke oven in metallurgical industry; distillation furnace and cracking furnace in petroleum industry; generation furnace in gas industry; cement furnace and glass melting furnace and glass annealing furnace in silicate industry; baking furnace in food industry, etc.

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