Industrial furnace design

What factors should be considered in the design and development of industrial furnaces

Industrial furnace is an important heating equipment. The structure and performance characteristics of industrial furnace are generally designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. What factors should be considered in the design and development of industrial furnace?

1. According to the purpose design of industrial furnace, according to different purposes, the corresponding industrial furnace is designed. For example, different heating materials need corresponding design, as well as requirements for temperature, heating speed, discharge speed, production efficiency, etc.

2. According to the design of heating materials for industrial furnaces, such as electric heating, gas heating, coal heating, oil heating, etc. According to different fuel design corresponding industrial furnace.

3. The production capacity of industrial furnace is to design appropriate size for customers according to the requirements and to meet the normal production needs of customers.

4. The shape, quantity and specification of heating logistics design the shape of industrial furnace.

5. Considering the problem of the factory building, it is necessary to adjust the shape of the industrial furnace according to the situation of the factory building, such as the effective floor area of the industrial furnace, and whether there is enough cooling space between the industrial furnace and the factory building. The local environmental conditions, such as the annual average temperature, maximum temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind direction, air humidity, etc., need to be taken into account.

6. Whether the environmental protection grade of industrial furnace meets the requirements, if not, it cannot be approved.

7. The operation convenience and safety index of industrial furnace.

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