Industrial energy-saving trolley furnace

Advantages of energy-saving trolley furnace in industrial production: fast heating, wide application, energy saving, good effect, high efficiency, etc. This equipment is a furnace type commonly used in heat treatment production. The heat treatment equipment has automatic operation, stable and reliable quality, which should be widely used in household appliances, hardware, molds, casting and other industries with more heat treatment. At present, the market demand is based on the production needs of independent design and development, quenching and tempering heat treatment, heat treatment equipment, welding equipment, non-standard automation equipment, heat source equipment industry of diathermy forming, welding, quenching, smelting, annealing, heat matching and other processes.

The unique advantages of energy-saving trolley furnace are as follows:

1. Fast heating: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled.

2. Wide application: it can heat all kinds of metal workpiece (make induction ring according to the shape of workpiece).

3. Power saving and energy saving: the thermal efficiency is more than 95%, so it is more energy-saving than other heating methods (such as gas, oxygen, acetylene, coking coal, electric furnace, electronic tube).

4. Good effect: the surface of the workpiece is heated evenly and rapidly, reducing the oxide layer on the working surface and the deformation degree of the workpiece.

5. High efficiency: the equipment has automatic setting function, and the operation can be completed by one person, so as to reduce the working procedure and improve the working efficiency.

6. Easy to operate: with numerical control design, the whole machine does not need to be debugged. It is very simple to install and operate according to the requirements. You can learn it in a few minutes.

7. Good environmental protection: no noise, pollution and open fire, easier to meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection.

8. Strong power, the main power devices are all German Siemens brand, the main electronic components are imported products (Motorola (diode), NEC (triode), St (three terminal voltage regulator), American Xiantong, on, guoban (all kinds of IC), etc., which make it work stably, with higher reliability and durability.

9. It has the characteristics of constant power and constant frequency to effectively ensure the quality of welding. The conventional alarm function and fault detection function of the rapid quenching furnace, as many as ten kinds of fault state protection and display, such as over-current, over-pressure, under water, etc., have a load rate of 100%, which can work continuously for 24 hours, giving full play to the production efficiency.

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