Hydraulic oil filter filter after the effect of which is better

Hydraulic oil filter filter after the effect of which is better

In the lubricating oil replacement process, the replacement of hydraulic oil accounted for most of the oil, in the oil replacement, our lubrication oil managers found that the replacement of the discharged hydraulic oil can also be recycled, it is bound to save a lot of costs for the enterprise.

Hydraulic oil filter has a wide range of applications, suitable for the purification and regeneration of various lubricants in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, machinery manufacturing, railway and other industries, and has significant economic benefits. Machines in use after a period of time will be an oil change, although the new oil and the old oil should be the same brand the same specifications, but before the oil change, should put out all the old oil and rinse, put out of the place such as valve, hydraulic cylinder and reach of the flushing, because the new oil old oil together sound quality of the hydraulic oil, in addition, the factors influencing the quality of hydraulic oil are:

1. Air. If there is gas in the hydraulic oil circuit, when the bubble overflow will impact on the pipe wall and components cavitation, so that the system can not work normally, a little longer time will also lead to component damage.

2. Physical and chemical reaction. The clean paint in the oil tank will lead to changes in the chemical properties of the oil.

3. The water content in the water oil shall be in accordance with the technical standard GB/ t1118.1-94, and its quality index shall be no more than the trace after testing. Otherwise, it will not only damage the bearing, but also make the steel surface rust, so that the hydraulic oil emulsification, deterioration and generation of sediment, prevent the heat conduction of the cooler, affect the valve work, reduce the effective working area of the oil filter, increase the role of oil abrasion. So be sure to choose a good hydraulic oil.

4. Oxidation. The working temperature of hydraulic oil of general engineering machinery is 30-80℃, the life of hydraulic oil is closely related to its working temperature. Experience tells us that when the working temperature of oil exceeds 60℃, every 8℃ increase will halve the service life of oil, that is, the life of 90℃ oil is about 10% of that of 60℃ oil, because the oil is oxidized.

5. Impurities. Impurities can not only wear out the moving parts, but also affect the normal operation of the whole system once it is stuck in the spool or other moving pairs, resulting in the failure of the machine.

Which is better after the hydraulic oil filter filter effect? Hydraulic oil filter will be used after the use of various contaminated mechanical lubricants for purification and regeneration treatment, that is, the removal of water-soluble oil, gas, mechanical impurities, acid and alkali and other harmful substances, and to ensure that the oil after treatment can improve its cleanliness, and make the viscosity, flash point and other national standards for the use of oil. Oil index after treatment:

Cleanliness NAS 6 ~ 9

The oil contains 100 parts per million water

Gas content in oil ≤0.1%

Filtration accuracy ≤5 m

Demulsification value ≤15 min

Hydraulic oil filter filter element selection, should be based on the need to filter oil to select. There are four types of oil filters according to their filtration accuracy (particle size to remove impurities) : coarse filter, ordinary filter, precision filter, and extra-fine filter. They can filter impurities larger than 100 comforters, 10 to 100 comforters, 5 to 10 comforters, and 1 to 5 comforters, respectively. The following points should be considered when selecting:

(1) the filtration accuracy shall meet the predetermined requirements.

(2) it can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.

(3) the filter is strong enough that it will not be damaged by hydraulic pressure.

(4) the filter has good corrosion resistance and can work for a long time at the specified temperature.

(5) easy filter cleaning or replacement.

Therefore, according to the technical requirements of the hydraulic system, the filter should be selected according to the filtration accuracy, flow capacity, working pressure, oil viscosity, operating temperature and other conditions.

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