How to use the filter safely

How to use the filter safely

1. During on-site operation, the oil filter should be as close to the transformer or oil tank as possible, and the suction pipe line should not be too long, so as to reduce the pipeline resistance.

2, the connection pipe (including the fuel tank) must be completely clean in advance, and have excellent tightness.

3. Strictly follow the operating procedures. When starting the oil filter, only after the vacuum pump, oil pump and heater are in normal operation and the internal circulation is excellent can the oil products be circulated.

4, the oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities and free water. The bottom water and impurities must be cleaned in advance, followed by other filtration equipment (such as centrifugal oil filter, pressure oil filter) abundant filtration divided by the crude oil standard required by the vacuum oil filter, the vacuum oil filter can be used for filtration, to affect the service life of the oil filter.

5. During operation, the operation of oil filter should be strictly monitored (such as vacuum degree, flow rate, temperature, etc.), and the quality before and after oil treatment (breakdown voltage, etc.) should also be checked regularly. To monitor the purification of the oil filter.

6. In winter operation, the pipeline, vacuum tank and other components should be insulated. In the process of oil filtration in the substation, the relevant provisions in the safety operation rules for the electric industry issued by the power industry must be abided by.

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