How to semicolon silicon carbide

The silicon carbide abrasive products used in the market need to be screened layer by layer, and the corresponding particle size of each screen is different.

Many manufacturers are the silicon carbide particles through one or several layers of screen to make it according to the size of a number of particle size levels of the process, called screening.

At present, silicon carbide abrasives are produced by sieving method, because generally speaking, compared with hydraulic, wind, centrifugal classification and other methods, it has the advantages of high production capacity and high classification accuracy. The main tool of screening operation is screen, and the classification task is completed by the screen with a certain size of mesh. For each layer of screen, the material left on the screen after screening operation is called on screen product, and the material passing through the screen hole is called off screen product.

The conditions for a particle to pass through the sieve are:

1. Silicon carbide particles are smaller than the mesh,

2. Have full screening opportunities.

So in the actual production process, the corresponding number of screen size is also very important.

The silicon carbide sand produced by new material company is also screened according to different screens selected by customers. Therefore, the production of different products has certain production requirements. More about the production of silicon carbide products, we can exchange with each other.


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