How to repair the box furnace correctly

Box furnace is a kind of box furnace, which is fixed during heating, heat preservation and cooling of products, and feeds and discharges materials through a single door or tank. How to check the box furnace is an important problem. Let's see the correct method.

Correct use of the box furnace for maintenance and standardized operation, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃ can not be used for a long time, to avoid overheating, overload operation, it is strictly prohibited to prevent sudden rise of high temperature and power-off quenching, so as to avoid damage to the furnace and electric heating wire. Indoor use, the ambient temperature is - 10 ~ 40 ° C, the surrounding environment does not contain conductive dust, inflammable and explosive substances and gases, as well as corrosive gases that seriously damage the metal, the relative humidity of the environment is not more than 85% RH, there is no vibration and turbulence, and regularly check whether the contact of the circuit system connection is good.

It should be noted that it is strictly prohibited to directly heat workpieces containing high moisture, volatile substances, organic matters, etc. into the box furnace. At the same time, it is forbidden to heat the molten metal such as metal or glass into the furnace. The condition of the heating elements must be checked frequently. In case of aging, fracture or short circuit, repair and replace in time, and remove dust particles and scattered substances in the furnace frequently to keep the furnace clean.

In addition, the box type furnace shall also check whether the heating elements are damaged, whether the contact at each joint is good, and whether it is in contact with the furnace body and shell. Check whether the temperature control system is abnormal, check whether the furnace door is lifted, and prohibit the use of corrosive, volatile and explosive gas workpieces into the box furnace, so as to avoid affecting the service life of heating elements and refractories and causing explosion. The industrial electric furnace shall not operate under high temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.

Under normal circumstances, the operator shall not leave the post without permission when using the box furnace. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the working state of the electric furnace is normal. When the electric furnace loads and unloads the workpiece, the power supply of the heating element must be cut off to ensure the safety of the operator. The lubrication condition on the drive bushing must be checked frequently to prevent the bushing from being damaged due to lack of oil. The use condition of the heating element shall be checked regularly.

After short-term use, the heating element shall not collapse or collide. If there is no serious corrosion and fracture, the same material as the box furnace wire (or wire itself) can be used as the welding rod, and acetylene gas is used for heating and welding. The welding rod is made of 50% white cloud powder. If the heating element is seriously corroded, it cannot be used, it shall be replaced separately, and the box furnace and thermoelectricity shall be inspected regularly Use of thermocouple to prevent incorrect temperature measurement due to instrument or thermocouple error.

Correct operation of box furnace maintenance method can effectively improve the service life of products, which is the key work in daily work.

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