How to reduce the loss of transformer

Transformer is a kind of transformer widely used in the production of enterprises, and it is an important equipment in the power system. However, what cannot be ignored is that transformer is a kind of equipment with large consumption. In order to reduce the loss of transformer, what should we do?

How to reduce the loss of transformer

On the one hand, the data loss of the transformer is to be reduced. Silicon steel sheet, steel, insulation material, electromagnetic wire, transformer oil and so on are all necessary materials for transformers. These materials need to consume a lot of power. The saving of these materials directly also saves power.

The other is the loss of the down transformer. The loss of transformer includes no-load loss and load loss. In order to reduce the load loss, the need to use more copper or choose transposition wire method; To decline in no-load loss, choose decline flux density, multi-purpose silicon steel sheet or choose good silicon steel sheet, etc., thus adding transformer production capital, corresponding sales price also add, this is about to consider spend more money needs long running back, transformer internal storage gas points of two parts: part of the transformer body body internal insulation parts and coil in the air, another part of the transformer accessories within the remaining gas, radiator, oil purifier, pressure release valve, oil storage tank, etc.; When the transformer body is vacuumed, their space and the transformer body are separated from each other and the air stored in the internal space should be discharged. Therefore, it is necessary to exhaust the transformer after vacuum oil filling and oil filling, exhaust is a very important step, the specific practice is: "after the first down, block the oil tank, respectively discharge net.

Through material saving, the transformer can reduce the loss. At the same time, when selecting the material, choose the appropriate material according to the above. At the same time, the loss can be reduced, and the output of the cost can be reduced, so that the transformer can be used better.

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