How to overhaul the vacuum heat treatment furnace?

There are many types of vacuum heat treatment furnace, we want to extend the service life of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, to ensure the normal processing needs to conduct maintenance of the vacuum heat treatment furnace:

First, before the door of the vacuum heat treatment furnace is closed, the rubber seal and flange surface of the door of the vacuum heat treatment furnace shall be inspected. There should be no sand or debris. Wipe the rubber seal ring and flange surface with a clean cloth, then evenly apply the vacuum grease, after which the door of the vacuum heat treatment furnace can be closed. The workpiece must be cleaned before processing in the furnace. After the oil is hardened, the oil on the material frame and the bearing parts immersed in the oil shall be cleaned.

Second, for the empty pump with the function of gas ballast, it should be checked before opening the furnace every day and opened for 30min according to the need, in order to remove the water in the pump oil. Be sure to check cooling water, compressed air, hydraulic system pressure and cooling water flow.

Third, there are two ways to increase the temperature difference in the evaporation process of vacuum heat treatment furnace: one is to increase the heating steam pressure, the other is to increase the final number effect vacuum. However, the former will lead to a decrease in the aftereffect temperature, which will aggravate scaling, prolong the operating period and corrode the equipment. Therefore, increasing vacuum is an excellent choice to increase the total temperature difference of the system.

Fourth, the air cooled motor of the vacuum heat treatment furnace is generally an ordinary motor, can not be started in the vacuum, must be inflated before starting, and there should be electrical interlock protection device protection. Roots pump shall be started in vacuum above 133 pa and shall be protected by electrical interlocks.

How to overhaul the vacuum heat treatment furnace

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