How to operate heat treatment vacuum furnace

Heat treatment vacuum furnace is relatively convenient to use, but sometimes it will affect our work due to wrong operation. So in order to save time, we should pay attention to some problems when operating the vacuum furnace, so as to avoid our mistakes. What problems should we pay attention to?

1. The heating body of heat treatment vacuum furnace adopts low-voltage power, but the power supply voltage is still 380V, so attention should be paid to the power consumption during operation.

2. Heat treatment vacuum furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment which has been greatly developed in recent years. The workpiece is heated and cooled in ultra-low pressure space. It has the advantages of good quality, energy saving, efficiency and less pollution.

3. During the manufacturing of heat treatment vacuum furnace, it shall be ensured that there is no water leakage or air leakage. The sealing of vacuum furnace body and furnace cover adopts rubber parts, so it needs to be cooled by water partition. If the water leaks into the furnace, the temperature of the furnace is very high, which will cause explosion. For the workpieces processed by vacuum furnace, the oil stain on the surface shall be cleaned and the oil vapor from quenching oil tank shall not enter the furnace. When the oil vapor is mixed with air, it will form an explosive atmosphere. Once there is an open fire or power on, it will produce an explosion. Therefore, the furnace door should be closed after the charging of the vacuum furnace, and the furnace can be electrified for heating only after the furnace is vacuumized.

Several methods for cleaning and dedusting of vacuum furnace:

Vacuum furnace manufacturer: vacuum furnace is used for heating equipment in vacuum environment. Although it is used in vacuum environment, there will be a lot of crud waste, which requires frequent cleaning and dedusting. The following vacuum furnace manufacturer introduces several cleaning and maintenance methods to you.

1. Because there is a considerable amount of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, when encountering water, it will become sulfur trioxide (commonly known as dilute sulfuric acid), which will cause corrosion on the surface of the heat exchange tube. The principle of vacuum tempering furnace is the same, and it needs the same maintenance.

2. Because the fouling on the heated surface will accumulate more and more thick, forming a thermal insulation layer, which will directly affect the heat exchange and reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The use method of vacuum annealing furnace is similar.

3. As the fouling on the wall of the heat exchange tube will become thicker, it is equivalent to that the heat exchange tube will become coarser, which will reduce the ventilation cross-section area between the heat exchange tubes, increase the resistance of flue gas emission, and have a certain impact on the normal combustion of the boiler

4. In different positions of the vacuum furnace, the location of the scale is also different. Where the scale is thick, the cross-sectional area of the ventilation is reduced, the resistance of the air flow is increased, and the velocity of the flue gas in the place with less scale is accelerated. If the time is a little longer, a high-speed air flow channel will be formed. Because there are a lot of nonflammable solid substances in the flue gas, the heat exchange tube in the high-speed airflow channel is quickly worn and forced to shut down for maintenance.

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