How to operate energy saving tube electric furnace correctly

How to operate the energy-saving tube furnace correctly? Now, let's get to know the technicians!

How to operate energy saving tube electric furnace correctly

1. The thermal conductivity of sample installation and support frame shall be low to ensure that the test sample and installation and support frame are in an insulated state.

2. After the test of temperature test equipment, taking the test sample quickly will produce unnecessary stress on the sample, and may get unexpected results. Therefore, it is necessary to cool the test sample to the ambient temperature before taking out the sample.

Energy saving tubular electric furnace

3. Check whether there are volatile substances such as oil and gas in the test area and whether there are odorous substances. The test results of these substances must be confirmed in advance.

4. Pay attention to confirm the temperature condition of the test sample in the test area of the energy-saving tubular electric furnace.

5. In order to keep the same temperature in the temperature area, it is necessary to ensure that the test environment temperature and the power supply of the equipment fluctuate as little as possible, so as to ensure that the test sample does not generate heat radiation and does not absorb heat, so as to ensure that the temperature in the test area is stable.

6. Always check whether the gas nozzle has flame irregularity or blockage. Observe the height, color and combustion of the flame. The height of the flame shall not exceed 1 / 3 of the height of the radiation section.

7. Observe whether the oil and gas pipelines in convection section and radiation section of the energy-saving tube type electric furnace are burnt red, cracked or deformed. If there is any damage to the insulation layer in the furnace, handle in time if there is any abnormality.

8. Check whether there is water in the gas pipeline. If there is water, handle it in time.

9. Check the liquid level of the gas water seal and keep its full flow liquid return pipe unblocked.

The above is the correct operation method of the energy-saving tubular electric furnace. Operators must keep the above contents in mind to avoid safety accidents in use.

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