How to maintain well tempering furnace

Everyone knows the principle of "seven part maintenance and three part repair". Excellent and real-time self-cultivation can remove many problems in the budding period. People often ask how to maintain the well tempering furnace. Tomorrow, we will summarize and sort it out and share with everyone how to maintain the well tempering furnace. Let's take a look at it together!

1. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, use DC potentiometer to calibrate the thermometer of XMT temperature controller every year, so as not to cause large deviation.

2. The user can abide by the above-mentioned operation procedures. In the normal operation process, if the production quality cannot meet the normal task, the user will charge for repair, replacement of spare parts and even replacement of products within one year. However, without the manufacturer's confirmation of the quality standard, the user shall not dismantle or assemble by himself, otherwise the user shall be responsible for all maintenance costs.

3. Check whether the local hot lines are loose, whether the contact of the exchange warfighter is excellent, and if there is any problem, it shall be repaired in real time.

4. The instrument shall be placed in the middle of dry and airy without putrefactive gas. The task temperature is 10-50 ℃, and the temperature is not more than 85%.

5. After the invention of the silicon carbide rod type furnace, the new silicon carbide rod with opposite specification and similar resistance value shall be replaced. When replacing, first remove the two ends of the maintenance cover and the chuck of the silicon carbon rod, and then take out the damaged silicon carbon rod. Because the silicon carbon rod is easy to break, the device should be vigilant. The parts outside the furnace shell exposed at both ends should be proportionate, and the chuck should be fastened to make it fight well with the silicon carbon rod. If the chuck has severe oxidation, it should be replaced with a new one. The gap at the holes of the two ends of the silicon carbide rod is blocked by asbestos rope.

The temperature of well type tempering furnace shall not exceed 1350 ℃ of high task temperature. The silicon carbide rod is allowed to work for 4 hours at low temperature. After the electric furnace has been used for a long time, if the heating power conditioning button is turned clockwise to a larger position, the heating current will not go up. The additional value of the interval is far from the required heating power, indicating that the silicon carbide rod has aged. At this time, the series silicon carbide rod can be changed into parallel connection, which can still be used sustainably. When changing the connection method, it is not necessary to assemble the silicon carbide rod, but only to change the connection method. After changing the connection method, it is necessary to pay attention to slow adjusting the heating power adjusting button when using, and the heating current value shall not exceed the additional value.

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