How to maintain the main parts of the fan to ensure production?

In recent years, with the improvement of national requirements for grid connected operation of wind power industry, a large number of early installed wind turbines began to be transformed and upgraded, so the demand for technical support of products was highlighted.

How to maintain the main parts of the fan to ensure production?

Then, how to ensure the normal operation of the existing installed equipment of the owner, timely and effective troubleshooting and maintenance problems?

(1) The reason for the noise increase may be that the oil in the bearing is not enough. The main shaft and the bearing rod rub against each other directly, so the bearing oil needs to be changed.

(2) Some companies use the fan when the fan is not shut down, but this may cause damage to the impeller, the impeller may be worn due to some particles, so the impeller needs to be replaced

(3) Because it is impossible to clean the fan frequently, some foreign matters will be generated. These foreign matters will not only increase the noise of the fan, but also increase the vibration, which is also likely to damage the use of the fan. We need to remove the foreign matters or replace the pump head

(4) There are many reasons for the impact between impeller and impeller, but most of them are due to the change of gear and shaft position, so it is necessary to stop the fan and carry out certain maintenance and inspection on the fan

For the fans installed and operated in the early stage, the main parts in the fan have exceeded the running in period. Therefore, it is suggested that the owners purchase the relevant contracts for the maintenance of the fans, let the professional maintenance plan and the engineers help to check the problems of the fans and find solutions, and take positive measures to ensure the normal operation of the fans and improve the utilization rate of the fans To make the operation of wind farm more stable and reliable.

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