How to maintain heat treatment well furnace

Well type furnace is used for tempering general metal parts in air and heat treatment of light alloy parts. The opening and closing of the furnace cover is completed by hydraulic lifting or manual lever. In order to make the workpiece evenly heated, a fan device is installed on the furnace cover to make the air in the furnace circulate up and down to ensure the workpiece evenly heated. Well furnace is a kind of periodic operation furnace, also called natural convection well furnace, which is mainly used for heat treatment of long pumping and rod parts.

The appearance of the well furnace is beautiful and generous, and the color is harmonious. The equipment adopts a double-layer furnace shell structure, and a fan is installed between the double-layer furnace shells, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature, and the outer surface of the furnace shell is low. The furnace body structure is made of high-quality cold-rolled plate and precision processed by numerical control equipment and machine tools. The external surface is treated with high temperature. The advanced air-cooled double-layer furnace body structure is equipped with fans between the furnace shells, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature and ensure a good working environment.

So how to maintain the heat treatment well furnace in daily work?

The temperature control system of well furnace is composed of heating components, detection control devices and corresponding pipes. The maintenance of the temperature control system focuses on:

(1) Check and adjust the electrical circuit and device, and check whether the pressure switch, solenoid valve and safety release valve work normally.

(2)  Check whether the pressure gauge and flow meter are in good condition and whether their readings are correct.

(3) Check whether the temperature control system and thermocouple work normally, and check the thermal control instrument regularly.

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