How to keep the safety of surface grinder in operation

Manual surface grinder operation time is relatively wide, so many time, in the manual surface grinder time, because of the wide range of grinding skills, accurate manual surface grinder operation is the best way to ensure the safety of the operator. At the beginning of the operation, select the method of manual adjustment to make the grinding wheel gradually close to the workpiece. At the beginning, the feed rate should be small and the force should not be too high to prevent the grinding wheel from bumping. When it is necessary to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable with the iron stopper, it should be adjusted accurately according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and the iron stopper should be firmly fixed.

Grinding is one of the methods of fine machining machine parts. However, due to the speed of the grinding wheel is very fast, and the grinding wheel is relatively hard, brittle, and can not withstand heavy bumps, the effect is very severe due to careless operation and improper smashing of the grinding wheel. Before starting the machine, you should carefully check the grinder, including the organization of operation, electrical equipment and magnetic chuck. After checking, add smooth oil. After smooth test, admit that there is no accident.

Pay attention to whether the workpiece is clamped correctly and tightly when loading. In the process of grinding, the looseness of the workpiece will cause serious effects such as flying out of the workpiece, injuring people or crashing the grinding wheel.

Therefore, the safety skills of grinding operation should be grasped in addition to the score, the reliable safety protection equipment must be used during the processing, and the operation should be focused to ensure sufficient mastery. In one case, the fine sand and metal chips splashed on the grinding wheel workpiece during grinding will damage the operator's eyes. The operator assumes that inhaling a lot of this dust will be harmful to the body, which should also adopt appropriate protection methods.

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