How to improve the operating efficiency of oil filter

Many factories and enterprises will use mechanical equipment, usually equipment will use oil filter, because the temperature will cause water or impurities in the oil products, oil filter function to solve this problem. When the pressure of oil filter is insufficient, it will easily lead to the decrease of operating efficiency and slow filtering speed. In order to complete the work better, it is necessary to pay more attention to solve the problem of insufficient pressure of oil filter.

How to improve the operating efficiency of oil filter

The solution to the pressure shortage of oil filter is usually as follows:

1. When the oil filter is started, it should be noted that the oil pump should not be reversed, so as to avoid blowing out the shaft seal of the oil pump and inhaling air.

2. In the process of using the filter, the oil pump may inhale air and affect the flow rate of the oil pump. In order to reach the rated flow rate of the filter and ensure the normal work of the fine filter element, it is necessary to check whether the filter pipe is inserted in time.

3. After the oil filter is used for a period of time, if the crude filter surface is seriously blocked by pollutants and the oil absorption is not good (insufficient oil intake), and the noise of the oil pump is too large, the oil inlet filter element shall be taken out for cleaning or the filter element shall be replaced.

4. After being used for a period of time, the fine filter element will be easily blocked by pollutants gradually, which will cause the pressure of the filter barrel to increase. When the pressure gauge reaches 0.4MPa, the fine filter element shall be replaced in time.

5. The oil suction and discharge hoses used to ensure oil filtration effect should be kept clean at all times.

6. The filter pressure drops suddenly. Please check whether the fine filter element is broken or damaged.

Only the high efficiency of the equipment can make the enterprise get greater benefits. It is really boring to do the same thing repeatedly for several years, but the quality and service are the guarantee for customers, and the brand reputation is accumulated bit by bit. With long-term development as the goal, the integrity and credibility in the first place, will be in the oil filter industry grand.

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