How to improve the filtration speed of oil filter effectively?

1. During operation, the operation of oil filter should be strictly monitored (such as vacuum degree, flow rate, temperature, etc.), and the quality before and after oil treatment should be checked regularly (breakdown voltage, etc.). To monitor the purification of the oil filter.

How to improve the filtration speed of oil filter effectively?

2. In the winter oil filter operating pipeline, vacuum tank and other components should be insulated, in the substation oil filter must also abide by the relevant provisions of the electrical industry issued by the safety operation rules.

3. When the solid particles in the suspension are large and uniform, the pores of the filtered filtrate layer are relatively smooth, and the filtrate passes through the filtrate layer at a higher speed. Oil filter coagulants should be used to aggregate the fine particles into larger clumps to improve the filtration rate.

4. The suspension of solid particles sedimentation speed filter oil machine should be used in the filter of top charging equipment, the filtering direction and the gravity direction coarse particle settling first, can reduce the filter medium and the filter cake layer filter oil machine of congestion, in difficult to filter suspension with such as diatomaceous earth and expanded perlite coarser solid particles, can make the cake layer becomes loose, the filtrate viscosity large can reduce the viscosity of heating suspension.

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