How to improve furnace efficiency and reduce fuel consumption?

How to improve the efficiency of heating furnace and reduce the fuel consumption are the problems concerned and solved by each heat treatment plant. What are the ways to improve the efficiency of heating furnace and reduce the fuel consumption? Recommend:

How to improve furnace efficiency and reduce fuel consumption

1. Reduce the heat taken away from the furnace by exhaust gas. On the premise of ensuring the complete combustion of fuel, the air consumption coefficient should be reduced as much as possible to improve the combustion temperature and reduce the amount of exhaust gas. Pay attention to the sealing of the furnace, control the furnace bottom pressure at the micro positive pressure level, prevent the cold air from being inhaled, increase the flue gas volume of the furnace and reduce the combustion temperature. Reasonable exhaust gas temperature shall be controlled.

2. Waste gas is recycled to preheat air, gas and steel. To fully recover the waste heat of the exhaust gas, preheat the air, gas, etc., is equivalent to bringing the heat back to the furnace, which can directly improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

3. Reduce the heat taken away by the cooling water of the furnace. The following measures can be taken:

(1) reduce unnecessary water cooling area;

(2) heat insulation binding of water-cooling pipe;

(3) using vaporization cooling instead of water cooling;

(4) adopt water free cold slide.

4. Reduce the heat dissipation of furnace masonry. The main measure is to implement thermal insulation. The use of lightweight refractories and various heat insulation materials can effectively reduce the heat loss through the masonry conduction.

5. Strengthen the balanced operation of the furnace under the rated output, and realize the reliable control of various thermal parameters.

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