How to heat treat 14-meter-long large parts

Engaged in the machinery industry, we all know that in addition to precise and compact micro and small parts, there are also large and stupid large parts. How are these large parts heat treated? Share some pictures for everyone.


This is a 600,000-kilowatt turbo-generator rotor after heating, which is nearly 14 meters long and weighs 70 tons.


This picture is about to enter the PAG quenching liquid tank for quenching.


The rotor has all entered the PAG quenching liquid tank.


Quenching starts in the quenching tank. During the quenching process, the quenching liquid is stirred in the tank to obtain a better quenching effect.

This is a large-scale deep-well furnace, or a large-pit furnace. It is generally used for heat treatment of large-diameter workpieces and ring-shaped large-scale workpieces. It is also suitable for annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment of extra-long and extra-long rods and shafts. Large deep well furnaces are about 30 meters deep.

With the improvement of the overall level of the manufacturing industry, most high-end and precision machinery have higher and higher requirements on the mechanical properties of parts, and the level of heat treatment equipment is also increasing. Especially in industrially developed countries, more than 80% of heat treatment equipment is controlled by computer or computer online, and automated production has become the standard configuration of heat treatment production line. There are already many digital heat treatment workshops in Europe, America and Japan, which has realized less unmanned production, improved the comprehensive utilization rate of equipment, and achieved online precise control of process parameters and quality.

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