How to ensure the stability of ADI castings in isothermal quenching furnace

In order to ensure the temperature stability of ADI casting in saltpetre solution for 60-90min, the following technologies are adopted in isothermal quenching furnace:

How to ensure the stability of ADI castings in isothermal quenching furnace

1. Design and install the compressed air intake system and porous pipes to assist the microcirculation of nitrate.

2. The temperature control system software design USES the microcomputer automatic temperature control program process curve, by 2 seconds a test nitrate trace changes in temperature, according to the process and the change of the trace of the actual temperature setting, automatic workpiece demand for processing temperature, control, and the constantly changing OH value energy output, namely the balance of demand and supply reach, thus the precision control nitrate liquid temperature fluctuations, make the precision of the nitrate liquid control + / - 1 ℃.

3. Two high temperature salt-salt-mixers are designed and installed, which can be used for long convective salt-salt-liquid mixing, double loop shunt, left and right countercurrent and other uniform temperature mixing, so that ADI castings of different shapes can achieve uniform heat exchange no matter in concave, dark, deep hole, blind hole, through hole and other geometric shapes

4. Due to the use of thousands of special soaking plates technology in the salt-salt isothermal quenching furnace, the salt-salt solution to maintain a complete consistency of temperature, to achieve the purpose of uniform and stable temperature.

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