How to ensure the higher oil quality of vacuum oil filter?

Because in the middle of the oil may contain some relatively minor impurities, in order to be able to put these particle filter out impurities, after vacuum filter oil machine arises at the historic moment, the classification of the vacuum filter oil machine ‍ much more special, including cooking oil filter oil machine. Then how to ensure that the vacuum oil filter oil filter higher quality? The following is a brief description of the relevant practices to ensure the higher quality of the filter oil.

How to ensure the higher oil quality of vacuum oil filter?

1. Place as close as possible to the oil tank

In order to ensure the quality of the vacuum oil filter oil filter, vacuum filter oil machine location should be pay attention to, should be placed near the transformer or close to the location of the tank, so gas pipeline will be a little short, so you can as far as possible to reduce pipeline resistance, generated by the tubing through long can make the resistance is too large to affect the quality oil filter.

2. Pay attention to the inspection frequently

In daily use of the vacuum oil filter, it is necessary to check whether each joint and valve are blocked or leaking, and check whether the installation of inlet and outlet oil pipe is correct, as well as whether all rotating parts are jammed to ensure that there is no abnormality. The purpose is to avoid the blockage and leakage of oil resulting in waste, resulting in low efficiency.

3. Ensure the water circulation is normal

In order to make the vacuum oil filter oil machine quality is higher, the need when the user action according to filter oil machine instructions ‍ prior to start the first cooling water pump and check the cooling water pump water thermal cycle is normal, normal point move again after vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil inside after normal operation, but the vacuum pump need for continuous operation, then need to open drainage pump switches, such as drainage pump start working filtering impurities.

Beyond a few outside still need to do a good job in temperature control, which is to ensure that the vacuum filters oil machine ‍ oil circulation is normal after also need to press a button electric heating to heat the oil, in the process of need to use the temperature controller set the right temperature, when the temperature rises to the set temperature, filter oil machine ‍ will shut down automatically heater, heater and for the work time will automatically start again, to keep the constant temperature, reducing the temperature and affect the quality of the oil, in order to improve the quality of the oil filter.

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