How to detect the air leakage of ion nitriding furnace

Step 1: first, separate the ion nitriding furnace body from the air supply system, so as to know whether the air leakage is caused by the furnace body or the air supply system. Separate the air inlet pipe from the bell cover, and then seal the air inlet joint (the special plug or vacuum sealing mud provided by me can be used). Start the vacuum pump to vacuumize, and then close the butterfly valve after vacuumizing to a higher vacuum degree (such as about 30Pa or higher) After 15-30 minutes, observe the air leakage of the equipment.

Step 2: after the first step, if the ion nitriding furnace body leaks, check the sealing parts that may leak one by one (including observation window, inflation device, sealing flange surface of lower part of bell cover, large sealing ring on chassis, sealing part of pressure measuring part, sealing part of cathode part, connecting flange surface between butterfly valve and air extraction pipe, etc.) until the ion nitriding furnace body is basically free of air leakage Meaning: when the following inspection steps are implemented, the principle of "subsection" inspection method shall be followed, i.e. one step by one. After each inspection step is completed, vacuumize to observe the inspection effect. If the air leakage problem is solved, no other inspection will be carried out. Otherwise, the inspection shall be carried out in sequence (the inspection steps can be carried out in disorder.)

Step 3: after completing the first step, if the furnace body of ion nitriding does not leak air, all sealing parts of the furnace body are in good condition. Then slowly open the butterfly valve, the following two situations may occur.

Step 4: after the first three steps have been completed, the problem of air leakage of ion nitriding furnace body has been solved or it is confirmed that the air leakage is not caused by the furnace body, the air inlet pipe separated from the ion nitriding furnace body in the first step shall be connected to the bell cover of furnace body (and the joint shall be sealed well), the flow meters shall be closed first, and then the vacuum pump shall be started to vacuumize the furnace body. The purpose of this step is to check the air leakage of air supply system If air leakage is found in the equipment again, check the sealing condition of each connection of air inlet joint, air pipe and various air source flow confluence tee until the problem of air leakage is eliminated.


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