How to deal with vibration of centerless grinder during construction

Centerless grinding machine is a kind of grinding machine which does not need to use the axis of the workpiece. Because of its fast operation speed and high production efficiency, its market share has been rapidly improved in recent years. Now let's talk about, in the use of centerless grinder construction found machine vibration how to do?

First, check the ground level first. It is often said that the stability of the building depends on the foundation? Centerless grinder machine tool is the same, if the anchor screw level is not adjusted well, it will cause the resonance of the machine tool. Because sometimes the flatness of the processing ground is not very good, we need to adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach an uneven height. First of all, we need to check whether each screw of the foundation is in place in the floor mat. Use the level meter to check whether the front and back, left and right sides are level, OK, and lock the screw.

Second, if the above actions are carried out and the vibration is still not eliminated, we should check whether it is due to the empty space of the ground floor. If the ground is terrazzo or the floor block is relatively solid, if it is cement ground, the ground is very empty, which will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? Don't worry, go to the rubber hardware store to buy a few black rubber mats, which are about 6-10 mm thick, 10 cm in size and slightly larger than the floor mats. Loosen the foundation screw of the centerless grinder and put the rubber mats under the horizontal floor mats, which can play a great shock absorption function.

Thirdly, if the vibration is not eliminated after the above actions, try changing the grinding wheel, or you install the balance weight without effective balance, then remove the balance weight and install it. If not, try changing a new flange, and the general problem will be solved.

The fourth is the processing environment. It is impossible to place machine tools with greater vibration, such as punch and lathe, near the same working site of precision centerless grinder. It is easy to cause co vibration. How to judge is very simple. You just need to stop the grinder and start the punch or lathe. If you touch the grinder with hand, it will affect the vibration or numbness. The treatment method is to separate the workshop.

Fifthly, if the above series of actions can not eliminate the vibration, it may not be the scope you can deal with. It may be that the spindle of centerless grinder vibrates after a long time, and the bearing or motor in it is broken. It may also be that there is a problem with the structure and assembly of the machine tool, so you need to inform the manufacturer to deal with it.

With the continuous improvement of market economic system and the deepening reform of enterprise system, the adaptability of grinder manufacturing enterprises in the market is gradually strengthened. And under the encouragement of some policies, the market demand for surface grinder is growing, and its sales volume is increasing day by day. I believe it will be prosperous in the future.

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