How to deal with the large amount of moisture in turbine oil?

First, let's explain why there is so much water in turbine oil:

1. During the operation of the turbine unit, the main causes of water inlet in the turbine oil system are the loose shaft seal of the unit, leakage of steam seal, poor quality of lubricating oil, vacuum degree of bearing box and oil tank, etc. At the same time, the installation, operation and other aspects of the unit did not meet the requirements of equipment cleanliness, the presence of dirt, impurities, etc. will also affect the quality of turbine oil.

How to deal with the large amount of moisture in turbine oil?

2. The emulsification of turbine oil and water is also related to the additive performance of oil products. Most of the antioxidants and antirusts added in turbine oil have certain surface activity of compounds or mixtures. In the molecular structure of these substances, one end has the non-polar groups of lipophilic oil, and the other end has the polar groups of hydrophilic energy with certain surface activity. Although they are dissolved in oil but not in water, the polar groups have certain affinity to water at a certain speed.

3. When the turbine rotates at a high speed, the oil and water are fully stirred into an emulsion, and these polar groups with hydrophilic properties have the opportunity to fully bond with water. When affinity is strong, it is firmly bound to water. And because the non-polar groups, which are lipophilic, are soluble in oil, water and oil are bound together by the action of this substance.

Therefore, the water cannot be separated from the oil, which is emulsified. If the affinity is weak, water and oil can separate. Therefore, it is required that the additive added to the turbine oil should ensure and improve its quality, improve its anti-emulsification performance, reduce or remove the hydrophilic component in the additive, to achieve or higher than the anti-emulsification performance index specified in the turbine oil standard.

Here are some measures to prevent oil from getting water:

1. The turbine oil with water emulsification brings serious consequences to the operation of the unit. Ensuring the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of turbine equipment, as well as the quality of turbine oil products, is very important to prevent and eliminate water inlet in the turbine oil system and prevent water inlet emulsification of the turbine oil.

2. Ensure product design and manufacturing quality. Unreasonable design, product manufacturing does not meet the design requirements, directly lead to the turbine oil system water.

3. During the operation of the unit, the oil purification unit shall be put in, and the oil regulating and lubricating oil in the turbo generator unit shall be separated from water in time and the impurities shall be filtered. During the starting, shutdown and normal operation of the unit, the shaft sealing pressure and temperature should be well controlled, and the water with the shaft sealing should be prohibited. At the same time, the components of the oil system shall be manufactured, installed and operated to ensure that the equipment components are clean, sealed and conform to various cleanliness standards specified by the manufacturer.

4. The purchased turbine oil must meet the technical indicators specified in national standard GB 11120-89, especially the anti-emulsification performance and acid value indicators, and must be guaranteed. At the same time, turbine oil in use in accordance with the provisions, regular sampling inspection, the discovery of problems to take timely measures.

5. For the emulsified turbine oil, the power plant can also add demulsifier to the oil according to the situation to improve the anti-emulsification performance of the turbine oil. Demulsifier is used to destroy the emulsified film on the oil-water interface and release the water to achieve the purpose of water removal.

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