How to control turbine oil when choosing a good filter

It is known that the treatment capacity of filter slurry is 10m3/h, and the treatment capacity of solid is 4000kg/h, which is slightly difficult to filter. If it is a large amount of filtration, you can choose the vacuum rotary filter or plate and frame filter press, and pressure vessel filter requires more than 2 sets. If low moisture content of the cake is required, a large plate and frame filter press should be selected. On the contrary, if there is no higher requirement for the moisture content of the filter cake, the vacuum rotary filter which can filter continuously should be selected.

How to control turbine oil when choosing a good filter

It is known that the filter slurry treatment capacity is 2m3/h, and the solid treatment denter is 10kg/h. It's extremely difficult to filter. This case belongs to small slurry treatment and solid treatment. Optional small filter press, preferably with a press mechanism. However, the small filter press is not automatic, so you can also choose a pressurized container filter. Of course, the moisture content of the filter cake is higher than that of the filter press. Finally, a semi-continuous pressure container filter is selected.

In addition, according to the results of suction funnel test or filter blade test results to the primary filter.

The control of engine oil pollution includes the control of turbine oil during blending and production and the control during operation. In the process of turbine oil production, the main filter method to remove solid impurities, and the operation of turbine oil pollution control, in addition to solid particles, but also to remove water. The pollution levels required for turbine oils are listed in the table below.

Gear oil filter oil filter is mainly used for all kinds of gear oil, lubricating oil, insulation oil and other solid impurities of the extra fine filtration, especially the ordinary oil filter can not filter oil filter high viscosity oil filter. It is the replacement product of plate and frame pressure filter. It is more flexible, convenient, low cost and high precision than the vacuum oil filter. It is more widely used and has a long life than the ordinary pressure filter. It can reduce the consistency by constant temperature heating.

Therefore, gear oil filter oil machine is widely used in electric power, manufacturing, automotive, railway, metallurgy, steel rolling, aviation, mining, etc., for gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, machine oil, compressor oil, spindle oil, insulating oil, and everything which has the function of lubrication oil liquid deep filter, but not filter such as ethanol, gasoline without lubrication and flammable liquids.

When the oil filter works, the polluted oil enters the heater through the inlet under the vacuum suction of the external atmospheric pressure. The heated oil enters the primary filter, and the large particle impurities are filtered out. Then the oil enters the water separator and vacuum separator and flows through the special divergence device. The divergence device creates a large surface area per unit volume of oil, exposing the contaminated oil to an atmosphere of very low relative humidity, thus removing water, air, and gases from the oil.

A mixture of evaporated water vapor and gas condenses into a liquid in the water tank and cooler. The remaining gas is pumped out by vacuum. The oil to remove water is pumped into a fine filter to remove fine particles and impurities, which is to purify the oil. A purification process is completed. According to the amount of water content, several cycles are required to completely remove water.

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