How to clean and descaling high frequency furnace equipment

High frequency furnace equipment in use after a period of time also must carry on the descaling and maintenance, equipment will inevitably be in the running for a long time scale, easy to cause the decrease of cooling water and pipeline, resulting in high frequency furnace overtemperature alarm protection, affected the normal operation of the equipment, so want to remind everybody to want to periodically to descaling of high frequency furnace equipment, thus ensuring safe operation of the equipment.

How to clean and descaling high frequency furnace equipment

The steps of cleaning and descaling of high-frequency furnace equipment are as follows:

1, high-frequency furnace equipment in the cleaning, to choose the car water tank or boiler descaling agent;

2. Fill a container with about 40-50 kilograms of clean water and put in about 1-2 kilograms of descaling agent for full dilution;

3. Put the inlet and outlet pipes of the high-frequency furnace equipment into the container, and circulate water to make the descaling agent solution fully react with scale. Circulation 1 hour or so, will discharge sewage change.

4. Fill the container with fresh water again and circulate for about 30 minutes to complete descaling.

The above is the introduction of high-frequency furnace equipment cleaning and descaling, hope to help you, as a professional manufacturer of high-frequency furnace, with years of rich experience in production, reliable quality, reasonable price, you are welcome to buy.

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